If we sit for a moment in any street in any city, we realize that the world around is not only made of things, objects, matter, but it is modulated, modified, distorted by the power of the symbols created by man.

Symbols that find their concrete realization in all everythings around us but also in the logos that are the strongest symbolic element of our society.  What is the prestige of the logo and all the values it invokes. In other words, what the form, symbolic power and meaning to an object is the logo that we place on it. The question is:


It creates a world where the symbols collide, creating in turn sub-worlds, give rise to different sensory experiences.

Our work starts from the decomposition of each logo, In analyzing and play only a small part and then put them together and try to represent these worlds where the material meets the symbolism. The viewer, through the reconstruction of the logo and its meaning is “forced” to think, to reflect on what the world is represented in our work.


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